About Us

Jimmie Joy Jewels designer Cherys Jenkins, creates jewelry to inspire the art of self expression. With a passion for beautiful color and for creating striking combinations of materials and textures, her creations convey an exciting balance of classic elegance and artistic drama. Cherys designs each piece of her jewelry in a highly personal process. Choosing beautiful components that spark her imagination, it is the visual and tactile appeal of these elements that inspire her design choices.

Cherys’ inate sense of what makes women look beautiful and her appreciation for eye-catching design was developed during the years she spent working in the fashion industry. Her experience as a wardrobe consultant and personal shopper at upscale department stores in the San Francisco Bay area helped her to develop an on-target instinct for what makes women and men look their best. In 1984 Cherys opened “The Wardrobe Studio”, a successful San Francisco Bay area wardrobe consulting firm. Cherys has used her talents as stylist, wardrobe consultant and personal shopper to build wardrobes for discriminating clients across the United States and worldwide.

Cherys’ interest in jewelry design began in 2006, when it became more and more challenging for her to find exceptional and wearable jewelry pieces to complement her clients’ wardrobes. She immersed herself in the knowledge and techniques of jewelry making. With an instinctive sense of artistry and a natural eye for alluring color and design, she began producing wonderfully original, one-of-a- kind pieces for her clients. Soon, her jewelry was commanding attention, and requests for her pieces increased. Cherys brought her love for exquisite detail and dramatic styling, plus her commitment to uncompromising quality to her own line of jewelry.

……………… And so Jimmie Joy Jewels began.

People often ask Cherys about the name of her company. “Jimmie Joy Jewels” is an homage to her beloved parents, Jimmie Carol and Joyful Jenkins. By their steadfast example and common-sense lessons, they instilled in her the values and philosophies that she prizes most highly in her professional and personal life. The legacy her parents left to her is a keen appreciation of genuine integrity, self-assurance and strength of character, along with a deep respect for the valuable, individual voice that each of us has to offer. Cherys designs her jewelry to inspire you to express your own singular, confident and uniquely creative spirit.